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Handcrafted Functional Pottery
I have been drawn to handmade clay objects for as long as I can remember. I was an avid collector until I had the good fortune to take clay classes at the local arts center.

Thus began my journey with clay that has brought me to this point where my life and yours intersect.  Clay was my hobby during many of the 30 something years that I spent working in the professional greenhouse business. I love to take an actual leaf off a plant and imprint its unique texture into the clay.  I can say with all seriousness that I have turned over a new leaf!

Through my journey with endless different clays, glazes and techniques for decorating pots, I am always drawn to the nuances of the surface of the pot. The varied surfaces intrigue me. The possibilities are infinite: glossy, matte, smooth , highly textured and combinations of these and many more. I simply have to pick them up and rub my hand across their surface. The finished pot, with all its contrasts in texture and surface color, tells its story of humble beginnings as soft clay that has been shaped and lovingly decorated before becoming a finely crafted object.

If you don’t feel compelled to touch one of my pots, I feel I have failed as a potter.

I make hand built and wheel thrown functional pottery. I use both stoneware and porcelain clays and use only food safe glazes. My pots are microwave and dishwasher safe. I am passionate about making pots.

I am happy you have stopped by Barb Batson Pottery today, and hope you will browse around and feel the passion I put into my pottery.  And perhaps one day soon you will be able to feel the surface of one of my pots and be drawn into its story.

Thank you, Barb Batson
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